4 Steps to take in order to sell your home this fall.

Autumn brings cooler nights, colored leaves, and shorter days. Generally
speaking, the amount of active houses on the market tends to drop in the
fall. Nevertheless, with a seller’s market at hand and a harvest moon hung in
the sky, you can have great success selling your home in autumn. In fact,
fewer homes on the market means your home will have even less competition and
that could mean a quicker sale at a better price.

While spring is tranditionally known for it’s large amount of home buyers,
some of these buyers are just lookie-loos and never intend to buy. Fall and
winter buyers tend to be more serious. Many fall buyers are looking because
they just moved to the area, recently got married or divorced, or have
undergone some other life change that means they MUST buy a house.
Additionally, the Long Beach, CA housing market is still hot, hot, hot and
low inventory has many folks still searching for a home to call their own.

The belief that one needs to wait for spring to buy or sell a home is really
an antiquated notion. Thanks to the Internet and Social Media Marketing it’s
easier than ever for people to search for homes all year round. There is no
real off season in home-selling or buying anymore. There are many other
factors that are more important to successfully selling a house than the
season! Factors like listing price which we can together influence, condition
which the homeowner has the ability to correct, location which unfortunnalty
cannot be easily changed, and the Realtor you choose to work with will have
more influence on your success than the season.

Here at Team Reyes Real Estate we pride ourselves in our High Tech High Touch
marketing strategies that attract the ideal buyer for your most precious  asset. Send us a message to find out how and we will demonstrate our capabilities to get the job done or we shake hands and walk away.

While you wait for our reply please check the pulse of your homes value at HOMEVALUESOCAL.COM and to learn more about what Team Reyes does differently please visit us at Meet Team Reyes



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