Don’t let an HOA derail your home purchase, here are 3 ways and HOA can derail your purchase.

Here are some things that can go wrong when purchasing a property with an HOA, please review and read all HOA documents thoroughly. The Long Beach Real Estate Market has properties of all types with an HOA and not all are ran in a professional and ethical matter. Long Beach has many HOA’s managed properties which makes it easy to verify the status and standards of active HOA’s these days social media has created a court room by which all can be judged or praised. Buyers please perform your due diligence as there is nothing worse than buying a beach close home in Long Beach and have an HOA with a poor track record. If there is anything we can help with or any questions you need answered regarding real estate in Southern California do not hesitate to reach out.

Read more here…. HOA can derail your home purchase

As a service to our clients we provide a free home valuation website which allows homeowners the luxury of obtaining an instant home valuation in 15 seconds or less from the comfort of your home visit Southern California Home Values for additional information.


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